Courses for everyone
in the agricultural sector.

Who We Are

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IRRI Education’s mission is to provide knowledge and skills to everyone in the agricultural sector. We work closely with organizations to customize existing courses, or create new courses, that best serve their goals. Moreover, we have a core set of course offerings at scheduled times throughout the year.

Our courses may be for self-study (using a variety of distance-learning technologies), face-to-face classroom and fieldwork experiences, workplace learning (mentored by more experienced colleagues), or a combination of these three (blended learning).

The offerings may be delivered as one-off block courses, regularly scheduled experiences over a period of time, or self-paced for self-study options. These may be delivered at IRRI headquarters in Los Baños, at other IRRI locations around the world, or at any site convenient for a particular group of students.

At IRRI we also design and create educational offerings for organizations to use in their own work, and we maintain knowledge repositories (Ricepedia, Rice Knowledge Bank), tools ( Rice Doctor, Rice Crop Manager, ORYZA) and other extensive data banks for scientific and general use.