We offer short courses
in three broad areas.

Short Courses

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Courses are separated into three types - Science, Technology Transfer, and Leadership. In the following sections each type is outlined, with a description of the types of learner for whom the offerings may be applicable.

  • Emerging Researcher offerings give training in research tools and techniques for early career stage scientists.

    These courses include

    • Basic Experimental Design and Data Analysis
    • Basic Research Data Management
    • Design and Analysis of Breeding Trials
    • Scientific Writing
    • Research Proposal Writing.

    More advanced topics are often associated with specific research programmes, and in a by-invitation Workshop format.

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  • Technology transfer courses provide technical knowledge in a context of real-world hands-on experiences. Participants can include researchers, university students, extension services agents, quality inspectors and administrators from NARES and other government agencies, individuals from funding agencies who wish to see the work being supported at first-hand, and staff from private-sector bio-agricultural companies.

    Core courses include topics such as

    • Rice Production
    • Seed Production
    • Post-Harvest Processes
    • Mechanization.

    Specialty courses offer advanced study in a variety of areas of specialization.

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  • IRRI Education offers these courses presented in the context of agricultural research, development and technology transfer, and in the company of other participants from around the world who are facing the same challenges. The outcome for the participant is then to be not just a set of leadership skills but also membership of the global network of IRRI graduates.

    Leadership courses for first-tier (beginning) leaders have components on management skills. These include HR issues, budget management, communication skills (including meeting protocols), and project management. Advanced courses for upper-tier leaders (“top management”) have components on policy creation and implementation and on strategic planning.

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