2018 Science Courses | Technology Transfer | Leadership Courses

Course #Official TitleDate 

       Emerging Scientists

 ES 101 RDM 101: Basic Research Data Management (IRRI participants only)  13-15 Mar  Apply now
 ES 101 RDM 101: Basic Research Data Management
 15-17 May  Apply now
 ES 102 Basic Experimental Designs and Data Analysis Course  TBA  
 ES 103 Results-Based Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning  TBA  

        Plant Breeding

 PB 101 Rice Breeding I  TBA  
PB 102 Rice Breeding II  TBA  
 PB 201 Molecular Breeding for Product Development  TBA  
 PB 202 Hybrid Rice Development  TBA  
 PB 203 Breeding for Drought Tolerant Rice  TBA  
 PB 204 SNP Data Analysis  TBA  
 PB 302 Advanced Hybrid Rice Development  TBA  
 PB 401 Hybrid Rice: Facts and issues for Policymakers  TBA  

        Crop Management

 CM 101 ORYZA Training Program for Basic Applications  TBA  
  Advanced Applications of ORYZA in Rice Research  TBA  
  Ecological Management of Rodents, Insects and Weeds in Rice Agro-Ecosystems  TBA (for 2019)  

        Social Sciences

 SS 101 Impact Acceleration  TBA  

TBA - To be arranged