2018 Science Courses | Technology Transfer | Leadership Courses

Course #Official TitleDate 

       Emerging Scientists

 ES 101 RDM 101: Basic Research Data Management  TBA  
 ES 102 Basic Experimental Designs and Data Analysis Course  TBA  
 ES 103 Results-Based Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning  TBA  

        Plant Breeding

 PB 101 Rice Breeding I  TBA  
PB 102 Rice Breeding II  TBA  
 PB 201 Molecular Breeding for Product Development  TBA  
 PB 202 Hybrid Rice Development  TBA  
 PB 203 Drought Tolerant Rice: Experimental Design, Phenotyping and Breeding Approaches  TBA  
 PB 204 SNP Data Analysis  TBA  
 PB 302 Advanced Hybrid Rice Development  TBA  
 PB 401 Hybrid Rice: Facts and issues for Policymakers  TBA  

        Crop Management

 CM 101 ORYZA Training Program for Basic Applications  TBA  
 CM 302 Advanced Applications of ORYZA in Rice Research  TBA  

TBA - To be arranged