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2018 Science Courses | Technology Transfer Leadership Courses

Course #Official TitleDate 

       Training of Trainers

 TT 101 Principles of Education  18-22 Jun  Apply now
 TT 201 Community Engagement and Farmer Field Schools  25-29 Jun  Apply now
 TT 301 Extension Service Design and Operation  16-20 Jul  Apply now

       Rice Production

 RP 101 Rice Production Basics  22-26 Oct  Apply now
 RP 102 Rice Production Basics (2 Days) (IRRI Participants only)  21-22 Mar  Apply now
 RP 201 Rice Production Skills  19-29 Nov  Apply now
 RP 202 Farm Planning  16-20 Jul  Apply now
 RP 203 Crop Establishment  13-17 Aug  Apply now
 RP 204 Crop Management  3-14 Sep  Apply now

       Seed Production

 SP 101 Seed Production Basics  30 Jul-3 Aug Apply now
 SP 201 Seed Production Skills  28 Aug-7 Sep Apply now
 SP 202 Seed Systems  8-19 Oct Apply now


 PH 201 Post-Harvest Skills (Rice: Post-production to Market)  5-17 Nov  Apply now


 MS 101 General Mechanization Basics  26 Feb-2 Mar  Closed
 MS 102 Tractors and their Implements Basics  5-9 Mar  Closed
 MS 103 Combine Harvester Basics  18-19 Apr  Apply now
 MS 202 Tractor Operation Skills  4-8 Jun  Apply now
 MS 203 Combine Harvester Operation Skills  2-4, 7-8 May  Apply now
 MS 204 Mechanical Transplanter Systems  9-13 Jul  Apply now
 MS 301 Farm Management of Mechanization  20-24 Aug  Apply now

       Specialized Courses 

 SC 301 Rice: Research to Production  13-31 Aug  Apply now
 SC 324 Water Management  TBA  
 SC 326 Climate Change Mitigation  22-26 Jan  Closed
 SC 327 Climate Change Mitigation (2nd offering)  3-5 Dec  

       School Visits

 Sch 101 Standard half-day school visit (Rice Planting Activity)  on demand  
 Sch 102 Standard school visit (Museum only)  on demand  

TBA - To be arranged