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Science Courses | Technology Transfer Leadership Courses

Course #Official TitleDate 

       Training of Trainers

 TT 101 Principles of Education  TBA
 TT 201 Community Engagement and Farmer Field Schools  TBA
 TT 301 Extension Service Design and Operation  TBA

       Rice Production

 RP 101 Rice Production Basics  18-22 Mar 2019 Apply now
 RP 101 Rice Production Basics (for SERVE Project/by Invitation) - 2nd offering  TBA
 RP 201 Rice Production Skills  TBA
 RP 202 Farm Planning  TBA
 RP 203 Crop Establishment  TBA
 RP 204 Crop Management  TBA

       Seed Production

 SP 101 Seed Production Basics  TBA
 SP 201 Seed Production Skills  TBA
 SP 202 Seed Systems  TBA


 PH 201 Post-Harvest Skills (Rice: Post-production to Market) - 1st Offering  6-17 May 2019 Apply now
 PH 201 Post-Harvest Skills (Rice: Post-production to Market) - 2nd Offering  14-25 Oct 2019 Apply now


 MS 101 General Mechanization Basics  TBA  
 MS 102 Tractors and their Implements Basics  TBA  
 MS 103 Combine Harvester Basics  TBA
 MS 202 Tractor Operation Skills  TBA
 MS 203 Combine Harvester Operation Skills  TBA
 MS 204 Mechanical Transplanter Systems  TBA
 MS 210 Laser Land Leveling  TBA  
 MS 301 Farm Management of Mechanization  TBA

       Specialized Courses 

 SC 301 Rice: Research to Production  29 Jul-16 Aug 2019  Apply now
 SC 324 Water Management  TBA  
 SC 325 Climate Smart Villages  TBA  
 SC 326 Climate Change Mitigation  TBA

       School Visits

 Sch 101 Standard half-day school visit (Rice Planting Activity)  on demand  
 Sch 102 Standard school visit (Museum only)  on demand  

TBA - To be arranged