Rice: Research to Production

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Through a balanced mix of classroom lectures, group discussions, and hands-on field sessions, this course covers the basics of rice production, an appreciation of the changes and challenges in the rice industry from production to market, knowledge of the research issues of IRRI and its partners/collaborators, advancements in rice breeding, and structuring effective collaboration within the international research community. Additionally, the course will also cover issues related to germplasm exchange and property rights.

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  • Understand the basics of rice production
  • Become familiar with the diversity among rice varieties
  • Appreciate research and development issues related to food security
  • Acquire hands-on skills relating to rice production and breeding
  • Understand how to structure effective international collaborations

Key Modules

  • Rice production basics
  • Rice research and development
  • Rice breeding methodologies
  • Farmer participatory research and technology transfer
  • Effective ways to structure international collaboration

Target Audience

  • This course is aimed at early career researchers and graduate (MS and PhD) students.

Course Fee

  • USD 3,500


None. However participants should note that the course does require some outdoor physical exertion.